Solar panels for pool heating

Why Don't We Use PV Panels to Heat Swimming Pools?

Since 1976, Techno-Solis has been producing thermal Solar Pool Heating Panels and quite successfully so. When we are at trade shows or talking to prospects, people often ask why we don't use photovoltaic solar panels to heat pools.

To answer that, let us delve into the two types of systems.

Starting with the thermal system, we have the plastic panels and a controller and some additional plumbing added to the existing pool pump and filtration system. Pretty simple really. A sensor near the pool tells the controller that the pool needs more heat and the controller opens a valve and allows water into the panels and heats the water. When the water reaches the desired temperature the sensor tells the controller to shut the valve thereby stopping the heating process. There are few moving parts and next to no maintenance required. The cost for the average system is about $3000. Techno-Solis warranties the panels for life.

Looking now at a photovoltaic system we first have to buy and install an electric pool heater. So right off the bat, there is a $3000 expense on average. Next we need to install the photovoltaic panels based upon the power requirement of the heater. Let's assume we spend another $4000 on panels and battery backup. Then we have all the gear to control the on grid and off grid activities. Figure another $1000. Next add the hardware to install the panels on the roof. Another $1000. All told, we have $11,000 spent. The typical warranty on a photovoltaic panel is 10 years.

If one is contemplating a PV system, it would behoove them to run their house with it and use a thermal Solar Pool Heating system to heat the pool. If they don’t have a PV system, a stand alone thermal Solar Pool Heating system would be the smart choice.

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