Solar pool heater faq

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Pool Heating

Why Solar Pool Heating?

Solar Pool Heating takes advantage of free UV radiation. Using solar pool heating will eliminate tons of greenhouse gasses every year and over the life of the system. The system will save money year after year as well.

Is Solar Pool Heating cost effective?

A properly installed Solar Pool Heating system can pay back the initial investment in as little as 11 months.

How warm can a Solar Pool Heating system make my pool?

Solar Pool Heating can increase the temperature of your pool by as much as 18 Degrees Fahrenheit.

What about maintenance for my Solar Pool Heating system?

Since the system is installed in parallel with the existing filtration and pump, there is no additional maintenance required.

What is the cost of the Solar Pool Heating system?

A typical system installed will cost between $2500 and $4000. This is comparable to a typical heat pump installed cost.

How long will my Solar Pool Heating system last?

On average the system should last between 25-30 years. The good news is that Techno-Solis warranties the system for life.

What if I already have an electric or gas pool heater?

No problem, we call this a hybrid system. Anytime the Solar Pool Heating system is operating, the electric or gas heater is off, saving money. Eventually, the savings will pay for both systems.

What about hurricanes and high winds?

When properly installed, Techno-Solis Solar Pool Heating systems are designed to withstand 170MPH wind gusts. This meets or exceeds current hurricane standards.

Can a DIYer install a Solar Pool Heating System?

Techno-Solis systems are the least complex and most intuitive on the market today. Our installation manual is designed within the DIYer in mind.

How many Panels will I need for my Solar Pool Heating system?

The typical pool requires 6-8 solar panels. The Techno-Solis website provides a sizing calculator based upon pool size and direction faced. It also addresses pool cages and shading.

What about tile and metal roofs?

Techno-Solis has a Clamping system designed for tile and metal roofs. The website has instructions for these installations.

How do I get a quote for a Pool Heating Solar system?

For more information contact us to find a local Techno-Solis dealer in your area.

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